VAN TOUR | 19 year old couple transforms van to travel the world

VAN TOUR | 19 year old couple transforms van to travel the world

Check out our DIY sprinter van conversion that we completed in the summer of 2018! We’re so excited to finally share everything we’ve done to the van.

✺Van details:
Vent fan:
Water pump:
Spice Jars:
Fruit Hammock:
Knife rack:
Fresh water tanks:
Gray water tanks:
Motorized ball valve:
Solar panels:
Drawer latches:
Lagun table mount:

For a comprehensive list of what we used in the van, go to

✺Who are we?
We are Kensie and Joey, and young couple with big dreams of living an alternative lifestyle and making the best of this short life that we have. While we haven’t had the chance to hit the road full time quite yet, we hope that by next spring we’ll be traveling full time and sharing all of that with you. Soon we’ll have a website with links to all sorts of products we used in the van, so stay tuned for that. We love answering any questions that you may have about the build, so leave that in the comments and we’ll get in touch!

✺Connect With Us:


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