Top 10 India Travel Tips – MUST SEE BEFORE YOU GO!

Top 10 India Travel Tips – MUST SEE BEFORE YOU GO!

Things do go wrong in India! Travel safely in India and have a life changing experience with my top 10 travel safety, food, sickness, and money tips for India. In this video, I help you avoid sickness in India, avoid scammers and sexual harassment in India, avoid counterfeit cash, and tell you what to do if you get sick in India.

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The 10 Best Essential India Travel Tips:

1. Get to your hotel safely: book an airport pickup.
2. Take a guide for the first few days.
3. Be assertive with scammers and touts.
4. Don’t be overly friendly with men.
5. Don’t drink the water.
6. Check for counterfeit money.
7. Learn to bargain and bargain upfront.
8. If you get sick in India, go to a doctor straight away.
9. Don’t let doctors overprescribe you pills.
10. Wear a mask to beat the pollution.

Sexual Harassment in India

See Indian scammers in action


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