RVstreet – Pets getting sick with Bacteria Infections traveling in an RV

RVstreet – Pets getting sick with Bacteria Infections traveling in an RV

This video is without a doubt one of the hardest, heart felt losses that Joanie & I have ever experienced in our lives. It’s what happened to our best little friend “Wookie”, our 9 year old Yorkie. He succumbed to and eventually died in Florida of a bacteria infection while we were traveling on the road in our RV.

This is NOT what we expected—at all—when we decided to travel full time. Even as we write this and getting ready to post this video….we cry and miss him. He was so special to us. He was so loving and devoted. He always just wanted to be with us. He wouldn’t even eat unless we were around. It’s so hard to write this. We really debated whether or not we should even post this video. But we thought we should and had an obligation to, and at least warn other RVer’s to be careful with their pets as they travel, especially in crowded camp grounds. Our home and hearts feel so empty without him.

We miss you so much Wookie. Good Bye Little Man.

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We are in no way experts or professional mechanics, but being a journeyman millwright for many years and being EX Military, has proven to be very helpful in my lifetime to know how to care for and maintain all sorts of equipment like: helicopters, airplanes, tanks, motorcycles and many types of other vehicles. That, along with our 18 months preparing, upgrading and living in our rig full time has gained us a lot of knowledge.

“This channel is proudly owned and operated by a Purple Heart Veteran”.

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