Registered Nurse turned Entrepreneur and Now runs a sustainable travel company in the Philippines!

Registered Nurse turned Entrepreneur and Now runs a sustainable travel company in the Philippines!

#JosuardGonzalesMedia presents #ThePowerHouse with the Vice-President f Morgana Travel and tours, RonJay Mosquete


It takes unity and collaborative effort for us to be able to create a sustainable transformation

We need to understand that to build a world that is both prosperous and sustainable, We need to impact future business leaders and entrepreneurs to switch towards a people over profit type of system. There needs a change in mindset on how people within an organization should be treated by their leaders, Gone is the time where we sacrifice people for profits, Re-educating leaders to learn how to sacrifice profits for the short term in order to uplift human capital conditions that in turn will generate a holistic environment that in the long term become more profitable and sustainable!

We have to learn that for us to truly feel fulfilled, we have to be confident enough about our skills to help others. There are plenty of leaders out there that treat their people as if they own them then expect them to sacrifice to achieve their vision. What weak leaders don’t realize is that they actually work for their people and not vice versa. We need to put their interest ahead of ours, that is the true making of an excellent leader.

We constantly talk about our vision, and we attract people who have the same beliefs as us. And when that happens, We create a team that is willing to contribute, willing to sacrifice and willing to go hard in achieving our collective vision. As leaders, It is our responsibility to create an environment in which at the end of the day, Our people know that we are taking care of them. Everyone!

Our motto is: “No one gets left behind”

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Our company puts young people at the forefront of creating a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world

My short profile:

Josuard Gonzales is the chairperson of #AYESInternational,
A former non-profit organization turned into a full-blown impact venture, It firmly believes in creating a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world focused on UN-Sustainable Development Goals #8 which is to provide decent work and economic growth through the capabilities of young people.
We believe in a future where everyone regardless of sex and age has a productive, fulfilling source and humane source of income.

Our unique selling proposition is that all of our events for young people contain all these 3 aspects.

1. Platforms for Engagement (Almost 50% of our speakers come from our audience and delegates)

2. Avenues to build Network and Partnerships (We don’t just provide talks/lectures but also team-oriented activities such as Amazing Races, Focus Group Discussions and Case study Competitions)

3. Lastly, Access to Mentorship and Career Opportunities (We believe that young people need both guidance and opportunities to create a living for themselves and to create an impact in society through our career expos)

We also have the AYES Impact fund which supports all #AYESInternational endeavors through our investor relations!
If you are interested first in creating an impact through young people along with being able to make your money grow, Please send us a message at secretariat@AYES.CC

Josuard Gonzales Media is a production and a social media company focused on daily content for small and medium enterprises and at the same time creating a new way to build brands, elevate careers and be able to build your dreams.

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