Peru Travel Vlog Day 5: Rainbow Mountain Trek (Vinicunca)

Peru Travel Vlog Day 5: Rainbow Mountain Trek (Vinicunca)

Hi, I’m Miranda and the purpose of this video is to share the amazing experience of trekking with Apus Peru, the most ethical and eco-friendly tour company based in Cusco. I hope it inspires your own adventures!

Day 5:
The last day of my Peru trek started at 4 AM with french toast and pancakes and snow covering the ground and our tents. Our goal was to be the first ones to reach Vinicunca so since I was the least acclimated to the 16,000 ft + altitude, I had to ride the “emergency horse” for about an hour up the steepest part of the route, before trekking the rest of the way myself.

The early mornings, the rain, the sleet, the snow and the thin air was all worth it once we were finally in the presence of the natural wonder that is Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain. We were actually the first to arrive and the clouds miraculously parted long enough for me to get some awesome drone footage with my DJI Mavic Pro.

I felt a bit like Salmon swimming upstream as my guide Urbano and I trekked back through a river of mud and tourists on their way to see my new favorite mountain. After a delicious lunch we packed up and started the 4-5 hour drive back to Cusco.
This is one of my most incredible adventures yet!

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Apus Peru Adventure Travel Specialists has well over a decade of experience. They have a ton of quality trekking options for all ages, abilities and budgets. These are great alternative treks if the Inca Trail permits are already booked or if you are short on time. They employ happy people and horses, strive for total tour sustainability and donate a portion of every trek to Peruvian NGO Threads of Peru.
I am so grateful to my excellent guide, Urbano, and the whole team at Apus who made this adventure possible!
They specialize in private tours but you can also join a group (or a special clean-up trek) on their Trekkers Wanted website. The more, the merrier since the cost per person decreases with each person:

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