Nuwara Eliya: Team Good Travel in the Sri Lanka Tuk Tuk Tournament Ep 8

Nuwara Eliya: Team Good Travel in the Sri Lanka Tuk Tuk Tournament Ep 8

Team Good Travel continues their sustainability mission, checking out the beautiful high altitude town of Nuwara Eliya.

Our first stop was Hansa Coffee, which makes some of the finest coffee and chocolate we have EVER tasted! They hand sort through the beans, selecting only the most perfect for roasting.

After getting caffeinated, we took our tuk across town to Amma, which makes naturally died textiles with food waste. Their work is extremely inspiring and gives extra work to the underpaid local tea pickers.

This was our first time in Nuwara Eliya and we absolutely loved it! The green mountains and waterfalls were enough to bring a smile to anyones face, we just wished we had more time to explore!

Links to everyone featured in the video are listed below:

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Hansa Coffee
Available at Good Market in Colombo.

Amma Textiles:
They have a cute new shop that you can visit by appointment. Just send them a message on Instagram to schedule a time!

The Good Market:

Tuk Tuk Rental:

Party Shirts from:
Hangtime Hostel & Cafe:

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Coming soon… Episode 9, The mid-party!

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