Monsters Documentary HD : Egyptian Cat Cult, Space Alien Pets, Killer Bees Ep 7

Monsters Documentary HD :  Egyptian Cat Cult, Space Alien Pets, Killer Bees Ep 7

1) Egypt : CAT CULT (DUR: 7’51)
Throughout the ages the cat has been cursed as a demon by some and venerated in other periods as a deity. Nowhere was the cat more revered than in Ancient Egypt. The Ancient Egyptians are credited with domesticating felines 5000 years ago. Its thought that all cats in Europe are descendants from the Egyptian’s pets. But the cat wasn’t just a respected member of the household it was a goddess. Bastet or Bast as she is also known was the cat goddess. She was the goddess of love, joy and fertility. Her name was found in one of the pyramids of Giza. It’s believed that she was protector of the North of Egypt. She also guarded the body of the kings. At Bubastis, 80 kilometres North-east of Cairo archaeologists discovered a vast necropolis containing mummified cats. Thirteen temples dedicated to the cat were also found there. At Bubastis, Bast was celebrated with huge festivals. Even today there are still followers of Bast. Animal X obtained exclusive home video of the cat cult in California. Hundreds or perhaps even more follow the ancient teachings and give offerings to Bast, just as they did thousands of years ago.

2) Australia : ALIEN ANIMALS (DUR: 6’19)
Many people believe we have been visited by alien beings from other planets … so is it possible that they sometimes travel with their inter-galactic pets? Animal X investigates strange tales from Australia which suggest that earth is now home to alien animals which have been brought here from outer space. But why would a flying saucer carry a menagerie … and just what did the aliens leave behind?

3) US : KILLER BEES (DUR: 8’31)
It has all the makings of a bad sci-fi movie, but this is no far-fetched horror film. This is for real. From Latin America to Texas, Arizona and Southern California, people are taking cover from THE SWARM! — Killer Bees that so far have been blamed for the deaths of more than 700 people and countless animals. And not only are they real – they’re unstoppable. Animal X travelled to Tuscon, Arizona – just one of the many cities caught in the grip of this bizarre phenomenon, the result of a biological disaster, a scientific experiment gone wrong. We went in search of residents whose lives have been shattered by these flying freaks of nature, officially known as Africanized Honey Bees.

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