minimalist wardrobe ⋄ sustainable, simple clothing ⋄

minimalist wardrobe ⋄ sustainable, simple clothing ⋄

here’s my minimalist wardrobe right after i moved to texas. ill make an updated one probably early next year!

You can use this link to check out Organic Basics products:
and use the code “OBANNA” at checkout to get
100 DKK off if you live in Denmark,
€15 off all other Europe
£10 off for UK folks
Free shipping if you live in the US 🙂


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➾ veganism
🌈 faq
🌱 free guide to going vegan
🌎 more resources

➾ happiness
📚 books
🕉 quotes
👗 minimalism
🎥 documentaries

➾ thing i use + love
♻️ zero waste
❤️ self care
📸 camera gear

➾ about
🔮 van life
🚐 my van build
🌙 a lil bit about me

» email: annareid1196[at]


❂ Music

the girl i haven’t met – kudasaibeats
The Old One – Justnormal
Brown Horses – Justnormal
From Indigo – Justnormal
Still Here Waiting – Justnormal

Outro: bicycles – MVDE

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