manifesting joy ✧ a week in my life

manifesting joy ✧ a week in my life

manifesting joy ✧ a week in my life
just a few wholesome happy moments of my week 🙂

check out my curated sustainable and vegan wellness shop here 🙂 : (WE ARE TAKING A SHORT BREAK BUT EXCITING STUFF IS COMING!)

instagram: emilythefairyy

music always by nate samples:

here are some of my fave brands/products with some discount codes! Some are affiliate links if u wanna help me out 🙂

GLOSSIER get 10% off your first order!:

EVERLANE my fave place to get ethical and sustainable basics!:

THINX period underwear:
use “LEE10” for $$ off 🙂

MAUDE (my fave inclusive, natural intimacy ♥ω♥ product line):
use “EMILY” for $$ off 🙂

MEJURI ethically made jewelry (my fave for diamonds!) – get 10% off using my link:

ANA LUISA ethically made jewelry (my fave for pearls!) :
use “EmilyL10” for $$ off

BETTERHELP ONLINE THERAPY (i personally use this service one a week and it has helped me soo much):

thank you so so much for watching and supporting me 🙂

you all are capable of so so much i hope u know that! u can seriously do anything, keep spreading your light!

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