Kyushu: Misumi, UNESCO World Heritage Site | still travelling #04 | list of places in Google map

Kyushu: Misumi, UNESCO World Heritage Site | still travelling #04 | list of places in Google map

Feb 2020 – The third stop of my Kyushu journey is Misumi, a small port town located in Uto District of Kumamoto Prefecture. Misumi is a hidden gem tucked away from major Kyushu cities. Embarking on this journey is like a trip to heal the soul, with breathtaking sceneries, surprisingly original architecture and historical heritage, all in a quiet, cozy setting. The highlight of this trip is the Misumi West Port, a historic port built in 1884 which has become a UNESCO world heritage site of Japanโ€™s Meiji Industrial Revolution since 2015. There is also a surprise discovery of at the end, a JR station without any staff with an up and close view of the natural sandy ripple marks of the Ariake Sea.

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Immerse in the journey from a spatial perspective, check out our web map with places of interest on Google Map here:

Check out my photo story of this journey on instagram:

Music – Meditacion II by Biba Dupont / Artlist
Gear – Sony Alpha a6500

Still travelling film series document my journey to different parts of Japan. They portray my minimalist, laid-back approach to travel. The film consists of mostly moving stills. There are minimal camera movements and editing, no talking, just pure visuals, bgm and ambiance sound that focus on the broader landscape, mundane happenings and small details that amazed me along the way. If you like what I do please consider checking out my IG and subscribe. Cheers!

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