how to travel with 2 kids under 2 years old /family travel

Tips on how to travel with 2 kids under the age of 2. I talk about my experience on the airplane and in airports. We traveled business class on our long haul travel with our kids to make it comfortable but that is not necessary.

Airports are huge these days and getting from point A to point B is long. checking-in EARLY is important so you and your kids get good seats since it’s usually first come first serve. It also makes getting to your gate comfortable.

I talk about my use of a baby stroller and a baby carry-on for my two kids. My son is way too young to listen to direction and to walk long distances. These were very helpful in making our travel experience easy.
Toys are helpful too but believe me you don’t need many. Traveling as light as possible is beneficial .
I talk about staying calm and soothing frustrated crying babies.

Try to make traveling fun for your children.
I hope you find this video helpful while traveling with your family.


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