How To Travel The World For FREE With CREDIT CARDS 101

How To Travel The World For FREE With CREDIT CARDS 101

This is how you travel the world for free. All you have to do is use the power of credit cards.

The secret to traveling the world for free is CREDIT CARD CHURNING. Credit cards will offer amazing bonuses and incentives and all you have to do is sign up for their credit card. People that utilize the strategy of Credit Card Churning can use this to their advantage by signing up for a credit card, meeting the minimum requirements to get the bonus, and then GET the bonus, redeem the bonus points, cash back, or incentives for all types of free travel.
By CREDIT CARD CHURNING I have been able to travel to Maui, Rome, Key West, and many other amazing places for FREE.

There are VERY important rules that must be followed in order to practice CREDIT CARD CHURNING successfully.

First, you should NEVER spend ANY money that you would not ordinarily spend. Your thinking should be :I am going to put my normal, every day spending on this credit card until I reach the minimum spending requirement. When I do that, I will receive the bonus points and incentives for FREE TRAVEL, in exchange for MONEY I was going to spend anyway.

Second, NEVER pay interest for the CREDIT CARDS. You will ONLY be charged interest if you fail to pay off your balance off IN FULL by the time it is due. ALL that you have to do is NOT spend money you do not have. After that you should then pay off your credit card in full. That is HOW TO PAY ZERO INTEREST.

Third, DO NOT DO CREDIT CARD CHURNING if you plan to receive a loan on a home or a car. There will be a small impact on your credit score each time you apply for a new credit card. Opening up a new credit card could lower your score from 3-10 points. This should not be an issue for a person dropping from a 730 credit score to a 724 credit score, or for people that are not planning to get a mortgage or a car loan in the next 8-12 months.

Fourth, canceling the credit card. When you want to cancel the card, it simply depends on the card. If the credit card does NOT have an annual fee, I will ALWAYS keep it. There are not any negative aspects to keeping a FREE CREDIT CARD open. For the credit cards that DO have fees, I evaluate the credit card to see if I get value from the card or not. If there is not any value for the card after the first year, and it has an annual fee, then you should close it. If you will get value from the credit card and find it worth keeping, then keep it open.

Check out these sources that list the BEST offers each month, and keep a current up-to-date list:

Graham Stephan:
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Credit Cards:
The American Express Gold Card 40k/50k Point Offer:
The Chase Sapphire Preferred Credit Card:
The Chase Ink Preferred Business Credit Card:
The AMEX Hilton Honors:

These free rewards start adding up very quick. You should start small and get one credit card bonus at a time. Master credit card churning and travel around the world for FREE.

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