Guide to Sustainable Travel: What to Pack, Zero Waste Essentials & More

Guide to Sustainable Travel: What to Pack, Zero Waste Essentials & More

Traveling somewhere this summer? Here’s a guide to sustainable travel. {Sponsored by Cotton} In this video, I’ll share my zero waste essentials that I bring with me on eco-friendly trips. I’ll also give my eco-tips for travel and packing tips for a more minimalist suitcase.

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It’s very important to note that air travel has a high carbon emission and traveling itself is not very sustainable. That being said, we do live in the 21st century and traveling is often a necessity due to our global world. Here are a few options that can help green your getaway:

1. Reduce how often you fly
Be mindful with your flights. Try to bundle trips.
2. Whenever possible travel by land. Rome2Rio is a great resource for this.
3. Bring your own toiletries. shampoo bar and toothpaste tabs.
Say no to freebies!
4. Pack your eco kit to be plastic-free:
Water bottle with a filter to avoid plastic water bottles, like this one
5. Bring your own snacks for the plane or car ride.
6. Pack like a minimalist.

My travel Essentials:
My dufflebag (shown in video):

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