Flying with a toddler vlog| Toddler travel tips | #travelingwithtoddler #familytravel

Flying with a toddler vlog| Toddler travel tips | #travelingwithtoddler #familytravel

#pinoyvlog #filipinovlog #flyingwithatoddler
**Hello friends and family!**
Wondering what it’s like to travel with a toddler?
Here’s a small clip when we flew to London! Highlight of our 10 hour flight with layover.

With long flights we like choosing flights with stop over or red eye. That way it is not tiring for Odin. A 5 hour flight is perfect. He naps 3 or more hours and awake for an hour. For red eye, it’s his usual sleep hours so he sleeps throughout the flight! By the time we wakes up we’re already at our destination! PERFECT! (But of course it’s not always the case to have a red eye flight, but as much as possible that’s what we book).

**Travel Tip**
Get your little one tired! Airports usually have playgrounds so find that playground and have them run around and play like they’ve never played before. If playground is not close by, it’s ok. Play with him/her. The airport is pretty big to run around, play hide & seek or do ANYTHING to get them tired. By the time you board, they’re ready to sleep!

Keep them entertained in flight. Download movies to your tablet. In our case, we used our phone so we had offline interactive videos, puzzle and games downloaded in our phone. Always have snack handy. With the flight we had they had snack every 2 hours so that wasn’t a problem.

Pack their favorite toys. Odin loves cars. So we packed 5 different small cars with us. DO NOT give the toys all at the same time. Give it one at a time so you won’t run out of things to do and your little one doesn’t get bored easily. They love being busy so handing them a toy one at a time saves you a bored baby.

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