Dionne Ross Entrepreneur Extraordinaire (part 3 of 6)

Dionne Ross Entrepreneur Extraordinaire (part 3 of 6)


Do you have a dream? Have you accomplished any of the things you’ve dreamed of doing? If not why not? Too busy, no money, no motivation? This episode will motivate you, inspire you, and get you going in the right direction.
Guest speaker Dionne Ross is works full time, has a two year old, is writing a book, created a hand bag line, and finds time to travel. How you may ask? Listen to this episode and find out the secrets to Dionne making her dreams come true. She is really living her bucket list one day at a time. And she started a Facebook group to encourage other women to do the same.
Plus this is host Karen Duncan’s birthday week..She’s challenging you to find what you are grateful for this week, every morning.
This week in Travel Trends:
1. What’s New at Sandal’s South Coast in Jamaica, pickleball, over the water bar and chapel, 12 over the water one of a kind butler bungalows.

2. Can’t figure out your next adventure: Contiki has a short test to help you figure out your travel style and what type of trips you should take..Go to Your Bucket List Buster Facebook Page and take the short questionnaire

Specials this week include the Beaches Jazz and Blues Festival in Buenaventura, Panama and Free Air and More with Norwegian Airlines. Plus Royal Caribbean is offering kids free plus up to $400 onboard credit.

And in travel news Karen wants to make sure you have the correct credentials to get on a plane after the Oct. 1, 2019 deadline so listen closely to make sure you have the correct ones. And are you prepared if your airline goes belly up while you’re abroad? Would you know what to do?


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