Cat Litter Box and RV Travel

Cat Litter Box and RV Travel

When you live full-time in an RV with 4 cats, an effective cat litter box system is a must! But where can you hide the cat litter box? Most RVs are not made with cats in mind, so we had to create our own cat litter box system.

In this video, we will show you the cat café we built for our cat boys that house the best litter box for our RV and our RV lifestyle. We know this is not an option for everyone, but we hope that our DIY kitty litter box system will help inspire some ideas for your own RV.

SPECIAL THANKS to Charlie Wolfgram for helping us engineer and build this amazing cat café and kitty litter box system. His engineering mind brought our sketches to life with ease!

*****Features of the Cat Café and Kitty Litter Box system*****

The bottom floor of the cat café houses two enclosed litter boxes. Both of these cat litter boxes are top entry litter boxes and they help to eliminate litter tracking to the rest of the coach. We also have a litter mat and Frosty’s crate on the first floor.

The second floor is a storage area and has a hidden tunnel in the back so the cats can play and lounge around. The third floor is covered with a super soft memory foam mattress topper, another great area for the boys to lounge around.

Whether you live full time in your RV with cats or you occasionally camp or travel with cats, we hope you find the perfect solution for an RV litter box that you and your cats can agree on.


Check out our video on how to build your own catio:

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Top Entry Litter Boxes:
Arm and Hammer SLIDE kitty litter:
Litter Trapping Mat:
Cooling Pad:
Dog Crate:
Bamboo Charcoal Air Filter Bag:

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