Bruggli 4 pets proline dog cage – How to disassemble

Bruggli 4 pets proline dog cage – How to disassemble

4pets ProLine cages are the smartest looking, best designed and best made dog cages that we have seen anywhere.

Disassembling any of the ProLine dog cages is quick and easy. Use this video in conjunction with the instructions provided.

They’re the first dog crates to have been crash tested and approved by the German testing organisation TÜV SÜD. To our knowledge they are still the only crates to have been approved by TÜV to these standards.

Crash-tested safety: Safety is right at the core of the 4pets ProLine concept, the idea that you’ve done all you can to minimise the risks of injury to your dog when out in the car and, very importantly, to the driver and passengers. The facts are that at 30 mph your dog has a mass that’s 25 times its body weight, so it will be a potentially very deadly projectile in the event of an emergency stop or crash.

A typical black Labrador would have the equivalent force of three quarters of a tonne. The majority of wire cages and dog guards are next to useless in these circumstances – they’re designed to separate dogs from people without much if any thought about what forces they’ll withstand; most cages and dog guards are, fundamentally, not designed to keep people safe.

Special features include:

Shape: ProLine crates are shaped at front and back to maximise the internal space that’s available for your dog, so they’ll tuck in tight behind the rear seat, be full length of the boot, and still allow the tailgate to be closed.

Construction: Anodized aluminium poles, fibreglass reinforced plastic corners with no sharp edges, scratch resistant laminated fibreboard sides, acid resistant plastic floor tray with a removable, washable anti-slip floor mat. Made in Switzerland.

Maintenance free: All parts are maintenance free; the hinges are made from a self-lubricating plastic-graphite alloy. They should last for as long as you want them to – years and years. In any event, all parts are replaceable as spares.

Ease of use: Single handed ‘slam lock’ system. Opening the door with a twist knob, and then just pushing it shut, means that you can concentrate on holding your dog’s collar. Single handed opening and easy closing is quicker and safer.

Good visibility: The vertical bars on both the back and the front of ProLine crates allow the driver particularly good visibility – and being vertical not horizontal also means that dogs can’t easily bite on them.

We stock the full range of ProLine cages and accessories.

Falcon in small and medium. Suitable for small dogs such as cocker spaniels and standard sized terriers.

Milan in small, medium, large. Suitable for medium sized dogs such as border collies.

Eagle in small,medium and large. Suitable for medium to large dogs such as a labrador retriever.

Condor in small, medium, large. Suitable for larger breeds such as dobermans.

Cerberus in medium and large. A double cage with two doors and a removable central divider. Suitable for two medium to large dogs.

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