Answering Your Most-Asked Question! Full Time Family Travel Insurance

Answering Your Most-Asked Question! Full Time Family Travel Insurance

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We get asked all the time what we do for insurance since we don’t have a home base and we’re always traveling. This is such an important topic and we wanted to create a video that can quickly answer that so we can forward it on to anyone that asks us in the future and also help people who are searching for the best insurance for their full time traveling family. Even if you don’t travel full time but are looking for cheaper insurance that still has all the needed benefits, this video is for you.

As explained in the video we use Christian Healthcare Ministries. It’s a health-share program that fits within the legal requirements in the United States for health insurance. Depending on what tier of insurance you get, they cover anything over $5,000, $1,000 or $500. You don’t have to pay the bill upfront. You can get set on a payment plan and then use the check that CHM mails you to pay the hospital bill. It’s saved us so much in lower premiums and been a smoother process the entire time. They also accept pre-existing conditions with their added program called Brother’s Keeper

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