ADLEY LEARNS MAGIC!! Family Vacation to a New Amusement Park (our travel routine with kids)

ADLEY LEARNS MAGIC!! Family Vacation to a New Amusement Park (our travel routine with kids)

The family goes to Universal Studios for the very first time!


Best Harry Potter Day Ever 1035

7 am is really early in the morning! But it makes it all better when your up this early to go on another surprise vacation! We wake up the kiddos and get them all ready before jumping in the purple Tesla to head to the airport. We meet some friends there (mystery guests you could say) and get all settled on the airplane.

A short time later we are in sunny and warm California!! We head to the car to go to the first big surprise and on the walk, we discover a brand new way to carry Niko Bear around hahaha. First stop, Universal Studios! This is Adley very first time here, so she’s taking it all in. She meets up with some animals like Curious George and can’t wait to give him a hug!! We then head to one of Jenny’s most favorite place, probably second after Hawaii, Harry Potter world. We get look at wands, get candy from Honeyduke’s, and then we jump on a ride! They won’t let me film even though I tried, but I got caught!

We get butter beers to try and they are soooo good. Niko isn’t sure what to think at first, but then he realizes he loves it and doesn’t want to share with anyone anymore!!

After having tons of fun at Harry Potter, we go to the rest of Universal, where we see the dinosaur park area with a playground and a brand new playground for Adley to play on. Baby brother would be playing too if he wasn’t fast asleep! We play as long as we can till we’re all tired from getting up early and having a great day! We head to the hotel to get some shut eye so we can have another family fun Best Day Ever tomorrow!!

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