24 Hours in Oslo, Norway

24 Hours in Oslo, Norway

Oslo, Norway – Our final stop of the Norway travel adventure lands us in Oslo, where we have 24 hours to find the best things to do in Oslo.
This is what I found for the best things to do in Oslo in just one day…

Haralds Vaffel – Waffles are THE signature breakfast in Norway, and the Norwegian style is thinner than their Belgium counterpart.
Unlike in this States where we eat them with maple syrup, here in Norway traditionally toppings include a type of sour cream, jam and of course, brown cheese.

Magallan Oslo – Mathallen Oslo is inspired by the great food courts of Europe. Here you can find specialty shops, cafés and a ton of places to eat.
Most stalls are on-par with the higher end of Norwegian prices, so if you’re on a budget, your best bet is to try something international.
My plan however is to stick with Norwegian dishes while I’m here so I convince a local restaurant to cook me some cod cheeks I pick up from a neighboring fish monger.

KOK Oslo – Usually you have to reserve the entire cabin in advance, but there are communal time lots where you can just show up and experience the floating sauna with strangers – and that’s exactly what I did. The only thing is, on this day, nobody else showed up.
I get a rundown on the rules and information from a manager, and then I just get to hang out for two hours.

Norway vs Sweden European Championship – for this one, you just have to get lucky with timing.

This is how I spent one day in Oslo, and these are the best things to do in Oslo (in my opinion and experience) – What else would you recommend?
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