【Japan Family Trip】| Kifune | Kyoto Summer Trip Vlog 2019♪ Kifune Shrine with Baby♪

【Japan Family Trip】| Kifune | Kyoto Summer Trip Vlog 2019♪ Kifune Shrine with Baby♪

Fuji Family’s Trip to Kyoto!

Daddy, Seán (14 months) and Mommy visit Kyoto during Japan’s rainy season.

Kyoto is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Japan, with a long history and home to many beautiful temples and shrines, Japanese gardens, unique old neighborhoods and machiya houses.

After walking in Sanzen- In Temple, we went in search of a ‘cool’ spot and headed towards Kibune. Kibune is known as the ‘inner parlor’ of Kyoto, a retreat from the summer heat. The temperature can be as much as 10 degrees cooler than the city!

Kibune is a lovely town beside a river, and many restaurants open their riverside dining areas in summer. These are called “Kawadoko” and are very popular among people looking for a cool and relaxing way to dine.

Kibune is home to the ancient Kibune Shrine. It is a water shrine and a water goddess is said to be enshrined there. The stairway to the shrine is lined with red lanterns, and is a beautiful and famous view in Japan..

At Kifune Shrine we did a special kind of fortune- telling, unique to this water shrine♪ It was so interesting!

We prayed at the shrine, this is called “Omairi”. What did Seán wish for?
お参りもしました♪ ショーンは何の願い事をしたのかな?

The shrine is in a forest surrounded by trees, so we enjoyed bathing in the healthy negative ion- filled air ♪

We hope you enjoy the second installment of our Kyoto trip series ♡

Next we head to Arashiyama, home of the famous Bamboo forest ♪

Sean loved practicing his new skill of walking by the Kamo River ♡ we loved watching him, so cute! And he tried a very classic Kyoto snack!

Our trip to rainy Kyoto was so wonderful. It brought with it a different excitement to that which we felt at Disney. We fell in love with the beauty of the green, luscious rainy Kyoto.

We are very excited to show you our Kyoto series, we hope you might discover new annd fascinating things about Japan through it.
We show you that it is possible (and fun) to travel in Japan with a baby!
Sean even got a special souvenir from Kyoto that will ensure he spends the summer in style!
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Fuji Family xx


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